Natural Hair in the City

Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is Hov Jay Bee and yes as the title suggest I am indeed a natural haired girl in the city.

Returning to my ‘roots’ so to speak was not a conscious decision to becoming Mother Earth or an African Queen as some men have thought as they catcalled me across the street. Rather, I was tired of the same old monotonous hairstyles that I had and just needed a change. Change as we all know can be scary and unpredictable. But for me, this change seemed to be the making of me.

I know this sounds like hyperbole, but wait, let me finish (nod to Kanye)….

  • For me going natural meant finally coming into my own. I feel a confidence now that didn’t exist before. I’m sure age has also played a part in this new found self-assuredness but I feel free and unconstrained by society’s warped perception of beauty. Yes, being natural takes some getting used to, the constant stares and obtuse questions such as ‘when are you getting a perm’ and ‘what do you plan on doing with your hair’ can get a bit jarring but I just spritz my fro and keep it moving. Overall, the response to my hair has been positive (not that I allow the opinions of others to shape my fro).
  • For me going natural has allowed me to see my beauty in a whole new light. Each kink in my hair tells a story, each coil speaks of triumph. My beauty is not their beauty. it’s mine.
  • For me going natural is not a fad or a desire to follow the latest trends, it simply marks a new beginning and chapter in my adult life.


Hair is such an intrinsic part of who we are that to dismiss it as simply ‘hair’ or ‘dead cells’ is far too simplistic. So much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair, meaning that any alteration can initiate a domino effect in other areas of our lives. Case in point: when people go through a nasty break up or experience extreme loss, one of the first things they will change about themselves will be their hair. WHY? well, we need to re-invent ourselves and hair allows us to do just that.

Our hair is our crowning glory and we want it to show us in the best light as possible.

I am not my hair, my hair is an extension of me and I damn sure rock it good!

3 thoughts on “Natural Hair in the City

  1. damn jay bee! you remind me of Serena Williams! Don’t pay them other bitches no mind, keep slaying them with that fine natural hair!


  2. really lovely blog and sentiment. if there was anything missing, it was a link or lyrics to that India Arie classic. ‘I am not my hair’

    there is somewhat a contradiction in the blog which i would take issue with.

    there is the sentiment that hair is just an extension of who we are and I am not my hair captures that however it then goes on to claim our hair is intrinsic to who we are which gives it more importance than it really deserves in my opinion.

    due to historical and social reasons, hair can become a symbolic battleground for expression of self but ultimately what is instrinsic to being human is much more than our hair.


    1. Duly noted. Yes I suppose there is a contradiction . My hair is not all that I am but it is a part of me and can sometimes be reflective of my moods etc. Perhaps I didn’t articulate that very well but thank you for reading.


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