The Body in the City

When we talk of ‘The Body’, people naturally think of Elle Macpherson’s industry imposed moniker of the tall, lean, athletic model shape. Well, my body is compact and petite. I’m short, with a generous helping of boobs held up by short legs. Not quite the body society would have us believe is beautiful.
It took me a while to understand that my body too was beautiful. Years and years of struggling and failing to look like the bodies in the magazine sent me into a frenzy of self-loathing and ultimately shattering my confidence.  I remember swaddling my body with oversized jumpers in a bid to hide my boobs, all because I didn’t feel like my body measured up to the other girls at college. I wanted to be tall, thin with a small waist. But my body is not built like that.
Flipping through magazines lulls you into a false sense of insecurity. The ‘industry’ will have you thinking that having cellulite is abnormal and that having actual thighs is the end of the world.  Women’s’ bodies are constantly under attack and placed under intense scrutiny. Every flaw is magnified to the nth degree. We embark on diets, cleanses and all sorts in the hopes of slimming down and looking like our favourite celebrities, forgetting that Photoshop is used to make them look picture perfect.  Not to discredit the hard work that some celebrities go through to have that ‘body’, but the agonising way some of them speak about food makes it seem that food is somehow evil , instead of the fuel that we need to keep our bodies going.
I believe that if you are really unhappy with the way you look then by all means make some changes. Healthy changes mind you.  A balanced diet and exercise go hand in hand. One will not work without the other.

We are all beautiful as we are and we need to learn to love ourselves more. Loving oneself brings about a confidence that will have you looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Don’t let the magazines or men dictate what we should look like. Instead, take a real good look in the mirror and see the beautiful vision reflected back at you.

Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and each one should be celebrated equally.

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