Working 9-5, what a way to make a living!

Everyday between Monday – Friday, my alarm bell screams out rousing me from my sleep, shocking my system into overdrive. I feel a wave of dread overwhelm me as my 9-5 beckons me with open arms. The ad swiftly begins playing in my head ‘you hate Mondays because you hate your job, and I involuntary shake my head. No! I hate Mondays because I hate jobs. Period.

The daily working grind is not for me. I shudder thinking about sitting behind a desk all day, everyday, working my arse off for someone else to reap the profits of my labour. All the while I get given measly crumbs to tide me over each month and time off for good behaviour by way of annual leave.

The 9-5 life is just so absurd. It baffles me that this is what I have been working so hard to attain for since beginning education. We go from institutions to institutions all to end up in a shiny prison cell. Then we get sucked into the mortgage trap which keeps us shackled to our corporate jail, as leaving means bills go unpaid and life in this capitalist society becomes x10 harder to manage. This cannot be my portion for the next 40 odd years or so. I refuse to carry out this sentencing. Working a 9-5 cannot be the sum of the human experience.

I think  that what I struggle the most with, is the fact that we can’t ever escape paying taxes and bills. The system sets a deadly trap for us that keeps us rooted to the spot and all we can try and do is make a better situation for whatever position we find ourselves in. I’m not ashamed to say that i’m struggling with working 9-5 just to stay alive! word to Beyonce.

I mean we can become our own bosses but that also has its pitfalls. Being a boss isn’t for everyone, or else we would all do it and besides not everyone has equal access to  resources in order to pursue their own thing. The system is built unfairly and there always has to be a top dog. I wish this staus quo could be revamped but alas, life is not fair.

However, personally working for some entity is no longer a viable option for me. I need to own something for myself. I want to dictate my own terms and conditions. I want to be in charge of me. I want to be my own BOSS!

As 2017 looms across the horizon, a new dawn comes calling. Time to set new goals and objectives and dissolving my marriage to my 9-5 is definitely at the top of my wish list.


4 thoughts on “Working 9-5, what a way to make a living!

  1. nice one Jacyra. i feel your pain too. but like u said, we cant all be brave enough to try and escape the rat race. wish u sll the best with your new found enlightenment and hopefully u can make a success of it and be free!


  2. So very proud of you!!! Always knew a 9-5 wasn’t for you. Patience, Sacrifice & Commitment is all it takes. It’s a long road but the journey makes up for it. xx


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