YouTube: The JayBee Show

Hello Lovelies,

Just dropping by to let you know that your girl has finally  gone and done it. I’ve only gone and created a YouTube channel.  YAY!!!! Head over to my channel  now to see my my first ramble over at The JayBee Show, where I pay homage to my natural 4C hair.

Please ‘like’, ‘subscribe’ and support me in this new endeavour it would mean the world, or you can watch my first video right here!

Thank you ❤

One thought on “YouTube: The JayBee Show

  1. Well written. I think the african community not all are living the opposite but i must see this movie to double underline my statement.

    I had to go find out why Alek Wek whom i love took of her wig and she said she made it clear to her agent that she didnt want to be taken for a gimmick lol and she had just started out but she still became one of the top supermodel. I have always love her to be honest. Goes to show we must stand for what is right not submit to it if you dont feel its right or brings you down.

    Anyway well written looking forward to your next review and youtube update.


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