Writers block 

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self” Cyril Connelly

Reasons why I write:

  1. As a form of escapism – I write mainly to escape my troubles and woes; I find that when I’m in pain or feeling low; my writing is at its best. Sounds tragic, but sometimes the best works in art comes from channeling some sort of pain. When I pick up a pen I know that magic will happen. I will be whisked away to a far away land where my problems and anxiety will not follow. Yes, they shape what I write at times, but with my pen at my side I become invincible. I am untouchable. My sidekick and I understand each other like Siamese twins joined at the heart.  Writing enables me to go anywhere I want, I can do anything, nothing is impossible. I can shine!
  1. To vent – This goes hand in hand with number one – most of the time I use my writing to vent, I take out all my frustrations on the page until the pen bleeds. It allows me to say the things I wouldn’t dare say out loud for fear of rebuttal or reprisal. I can unleash my wrath for all to see disguised in literary prose and colourful language. It comforts me by giving me a much needed outlet for release. Writing is my opium! My Redbull – giving me wings to soar high above the sky. Why get high when I can pick my pen and fly?
  1. To create – When I look back at some of the pieces that I have written I am in awe. In awe, because I cannot believe that I wrote it – my thoughts and feelings are there in living colour. However insignificant some of my past stories may seem to some, to me they are works of art. I may not be Stephen King or Carol Ann Duffy but you know what, I don’t care. I am a creator; my masterpieces are there for all to see. If you buy it, cool, if not then that’s cool too, they still exist – hanging over my mantelpiece.
  1. Love – I love to write it’s as simple as that. My pen and I are one. To separate one from the other would be catastrophic. Writing lives in me and I live for it. It’s a hobby, my passion, my love.  


*old post taken from my now defunct old blog*